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you make others laugh.
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Happy Sun
About us
We host many shows throughout the year, a variety of sketch, stand-up and improvisation. These are mainly at Mully’s Basement Bar in UCLU’s Lewis’s Building. Anyone can join and either perform, write or watch. We have comedy workshops from experienced comedians on all aspects of the art of laughter.

This year we have our first show at the prestigious Bloomsbury Theatre and every year is topped with a fully professional performance run at the Edinburgh 
Fringe Festival in August.

Please drop in on our rehearsals during Join and Try fortnight - and scroll down on this website or our Facebook page for more information.
If you have any specific questions and/or ideas for use then use the contact box or e-mail: contact@uclucomedyclub.org

Break limbs.

Our Groups
For the sake of marketing we present ourselves as two comedy groups, The Gower Line sketch group and the Blank Slates Improv. Many people are involved in both and there is no need to choose, all you have to do is choose comedy
Gower Line Logo
Our resident sketch group aims to produce a sketch show every term, a hard but rewarding activity that culminates in a wonderful run of the best sketches at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Blank Slates Logo
Practitioners of the mysterious art of Improv comedy, The Blank Slates' sessions are fast, exciting and easy to get into. Ignite your imagination and remember to commit to the scene!
Our Videos
Watch our videos of past shows and performances on our YouTube and Vimeo channels!
Freshers' week is long over and it's time to settle down. So join already! It only costs £3, and we'd be eternally grateful.

Click on the happy sun to join online, or visit
the Clubs and Societies Centre on the 2nd floor of the Bloomsbury Theatre building.
Has Comedy Club finished presenting shows this year?
No way!

Stay tuned for details of more shows in the run-up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – it’ll be great!

Shows, Shows, Shows!

Let's be friends!
Thanks to Wappato Media House for making this video taster of our Mully's Bar comedy nights


Save Your UCLU Student Theatre Logo
In January this year it was announced that the current theatre space, the Garage Theatre Workshop, is set to close in April 2014. However we cannot let this be the last Garage Theatre at UCL – please sign this petition to show UCLU Arts and the University that Student Theatre matters to you.

The Garage Theatre Workshop has enriched the student lives of many people and with your help its replacement will continue to do so for years to come!